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Erection/Demolition Engineering

Photo: COWI

Demolition of US Grant Bridge, Portsmouth, Ohio to South Shore, Kentucky, USA

​Bridges are complex – constructing them, evaluating erection techniques and planning for demolition.

​Within COWI Bridge, we have accumulated know-how concerning construction and erection methods which have been used for bridge construction and deconstruction around the world.



The right combination of methods is one of the main keys to a successful bridge project. COWI Bridge provides the following services on a regular basis for all types of bridges:

  • Analysis of all construction stages - stresses, deflections, acceptance by owner;
  • Assistance in developing optimum erection schemes;
  • Design of temporary equipment;
  • Pre-bid assistance;
  • Value engineering redesign;
  • Special in-house erection software with quick-to-read graphical output;
  • On-site monitoring during construction; and
  • Experience of erection by heavy lift, high-line, floating, erection gantry, launching, form traveler as well as specialized methods.



Bridge demolition is a complicated and precise technique. COWI Bridge has provided demolition engineering services for numerous bridges of all sizes and types, such as:

  • Review of geometry and framing of existing bridge;
  • Establish splice locations for the deck and other areas;
  • Calculate approximate piece weights;
  • Prepare sketches for procedure for removal;
  • Establish a feasibility procedure;
  • Establish life capacities for remaining structures; and
  • Prepare a preliminary design for props and bracing if dismantling is required.

LAST UPDATED: 14.09.2017