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Inspection, Maintenance & Rehabilitation (IMR)


​COWI Marine North America (COWI Marine) offers one of the largest teams of engineer-divers in the United States, with over 20 engineers trained in commercial diving, including 12 registered PE-Divers. With this depth of experienced staff, COWI Marine is capable of rapidly deploying multiple highly-qualified and commercially-trained inspection teams to project sites worldwide.


Our full range of inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation capabilities include:

  • Above water and underwater inspection of bridges and marine structures
  • Corrosion, chemical, and biological deterioration evaluation and assessment
  • Non-destructive and destructive testing of structural materials
  • Structural analysis of in-service structures
  • Existing load capacity and remaining service life calculations
  • Evaluation of cathodic protection
  • Rehabilitation design for steel, concrete, and timber structural elements
  • Quality assurance inspections for waterfront construction


COWI Marine’s engineer-divers are leaders in the field of waterfront structural inspection, maintenance, and rehabilitation (IMR). The foundation of our exceptional project delivery lies in the composition of our inspection teams. All of our inspections are performed entirely by our in-house team of commercially trained engineer and technician divers and are led by a Professional Engineer-Diver (PE-Diver), who is directly responsible for the inspection and client deliverables. All underwater inspections are performed using surface-supplied air diving equipment, which is the safest and most efficient means of collecting the information required by clients. This mode of diving allows for uninterrupted communications, both audio and video, and increases the quality and accuracy of the data collected.


Through experience and practical application, COWI Marine has developed a reputation for the use of new and innovative, cost-effective design details utilizing modern materials and construction techniques. Our engineers understand the potential benefits of restoration, re-use, or modification of existing structures, and the impacts of each on project budgets and schedules. We have the ability to evaluate design concepts which integrate these approaches to meet our clients’ project requirements.

LAST UPDATED: 24.05.2017