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Photo: COWI Marine

​Waterfront projects are highly regulated at the federal, state, and local levels. Regulatory awareness is a key component to successful project planning. Obtaining authorization is complicated by governing policies, stringent criteria and restrictive regulatory interpretation of governing policies.

​In addition to the professional design and construction administration services, COWI Marine provides regulatory support to owners of waterfront projects.  Generally, dredging, new structures or structures in need of repair will be required to have Federal, State, and sometimes Municipal permits. Our design concepts take into account these regulations and incorporate design components that make projects environmentally compatible or even enhance in-water habitat for wildlife. We work closely with regulatory agencies and ecological consultants to prepare an application that meets the owner’s needs and also complies with regulatory guidelines.  Field work includes surveying of the waterfront property and development of conceptual designs that meet the owner’s objectives while complying with the regulations. COWI Marine will represent the owner during the permitting process and prepare and present designs in public forum or evaluation meetings, as required.

LAST UPDATED: 04.04.2017