COWI has operated in the United States since 1988 and in Canada since in 1998.

​Whether it be a bridge or tunnel connecting communities or marine terminals connecting the world, COWI's history in North America is rich in innovation and excellence.

A brief snapshot of COWI's history in North America is found below:

  • 1933 - COWI is formed
  • 1988 - Ben C. Gerwick joins COWI
  • 1998 - Buckland & Taylor joins COWI
  • 2007 - Ocean and Coastal Consultants join COWI
  • 2012 - COWI North America is formed
  • 2013 - Jenny Engineering Corporation joins COWI
  • 2015 - Ben C. Gerwick and Ocean and Coastal Consultants merge to form COWI Marine North America
  • 2016 - Buckland & Taylor, Jenny Engineering Corporation, and COWI Marine North America merge into one unified Bridge, Tunnel, Marine unit – COWI North America

The story of COWI's origins can be found here.

LAST UPDATED: 02.10.2017